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Being one of the leading and most experienced dealers in the importation of high-end multimedia equipment in Kenya, 360 Imaging has for a long time helped individuals and companies alike to order and make purchases of their own equipment.

We help you avoid the long and tedious processes associated with transactions, purchases, documentation and shipping by doing everything on your behalf.

Once your order arrives in Kenya, we notify you through call or email. Orders can be collected from our office, our distribution points or delivered right to your doorstep at no extra charge. The purchase and shipping process takes 7-10 days from the day we receive your order.

It is as easy as 7 steps.
Once you have identified the equipment you wish to purchase;

1) Go to our Equipment Purchase Form.
2) Indicate the name of the product you wish to purchase.
3) Provide us with a link of the item from your preferred store.
4) State the price of your preferred equipment.
5) Give a brief description of the product e.g size or colour.
6) Receive a proforma invoice and pay 60% of the total cost.
7) Pay the remaining 40% on delivery.
That’s it!

Click on any of the brands and vendors below to access their stores!

  1. Nikon USA
  2. Best Buy
  3. Amazon
  4. DJI
  5. GoPro
  6. B&H
  7. SONY
  8. Pentax
  9. Lumix
  10. Panasonic

Please fill in and submit the form below with the necessary details concerning the purchase of your equipment. Our team will get back to you as soon as we receive your order and give you further details on how we shall get the item delivered to you.

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360 Imaging Multimedia Equipment Purchase Form
Your NameEnter your full name
Email adressYour email adress must be valid
Phone NumberYour phone number must be active
Equipment NameEnter the name of the equipment
Product Link or preferred store (Vendor)Enter the link of the image in the preferred retail store or select the preferred store below.
PriceEnter the price of your preferred equipment
Product DescriptionEnter a brief description about your product
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