Digital Marketing Add Ons

We are proud to announce new services to our customers to help build their brands and increase user engagement.
These services are :
1. SMS Helpline
2. Automated Voice call and IVR
3. Net Promoter Scoring
4. Bulk SMS services >> View Pricing

1. SMS Helpline
We offer a 24 hour SMS line for companies to collect feedback from the public. This helpline helps the client to gain direct feedback from the ground and helps them better manage issues as they emerge.
Helpline is also used a source to gather data from the public for downstream analysis.

2. Automated Voice Call & IVR
The robo call service is an voice service that allows companies make voice calls with specific content to its uses. The robo call service can be used as a advertising platform to act as a call to action to support and various initiatives with targeted content.
The IVR service is used to improve service delivery in an  environment where the company receives numerous phone calls and needs assistance in routing calls to designated departments. Consider a service delivery / customer care desk, receiving hundreds of calls a day; this service together with the rob call service helps manage traffic to the help desk.

3. Net Promoter Score
This service offers companies insights into how they engage in social media and other digital platform. The goal of service is to carry out analysis of the candidates social media interactions to yield insights into :

a) How to increase user engagement
b) Measure sentiments ( feelings ) of users on different messaging : whether they are generally happy or dissatisfied over the clients interaction and performance
c) Analyse best timing of messages
d) Quality of the user engagement
e) How to craft the best messaging to engage better with the public
Why sentiment analysis?
▪ Business: In marketing field companies use it to develop their strategies, to understand customers’ feelings towards products or brand, how people respond to their campaigns or product launches and why consumers don’t buy some products.
▪ Politics: In political field, it is used to keep track of political view, to detect consistency and inconsistency between statements and actions at the government level. It can be used to predict election results as well!
▪ Public Actions: Sentiment analysis also is used to monitor and analyze social phenomena, for the spotting of potentially dangerous situations and determining the general mood of the blogosphere.

4. Bulk SMS
We offer an SMS based service that allows us to send mass messages to users. The messaging is targeted and can be dynamic based on the profile of different users.
The SMS can be branded and made to be unique from all other in the market.
We have the ability to mine data from Excel sheets and paper databases to achieve the
clients objectives.
CLICK HERE to view our pricing for Bulk SMS Services.

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